Zoom Backgrounds

1Berkshire Zoom Backgrounds

Bring the Berkshires to your next zoom meeting with these #liveBRK backgrounds. You can enjoy the natural beauty and world class culture from wherever you are!

  1. You will look your best in a well-lit room with a medium to dark background. Make sure the color of the background contrasts with your top.
  2. Download your favorite #liveBRK images to your computer. You can do this by clicking on the image, right-clicking (PC) or control-clicking (Mac), and saving the image.
  3. Launch Zoom.
  4. Click on setting icon beneath your profile pic (looks like a gear). In the menu that opens up, select “Virtual Background.”
  5. Click “+” to upload an image.
  6. That’s it! If the picture doesn’t display properly, try moving to a different room with a darker background or add more light to your environment.
Mount Greylock
Bartlett's Orchard
Great Barrington
Monument Mountain
Berkshire Botanical Garden
Berkshire vista
The Red Lion Inn
Stockbridge Bowl
1Berkshire building
1Berkshire logo
1Berkshire step-and-repeat
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