1Barkshire: Meet Fiona

Meet the pups on the 1Berkshire team

Hey! Hi! It’s me – it’s me! Watch out for my happy tail and smiling brown eyes! I haven’t met you yet, but I already LOVE you because, well, I love everyone! And every dog, and all the squirrels, leaves in the wind, and… oh wait. Let me back up. I am a rescue pup named Fiona. Mom calls me Baby Fi – but I am already 10 months old! I was only supposed to be 40 pounds or so, but surprise! I am over 60! I am extremely food motivated, so if you could bring some blueberries or Cheerios when we meet, that would be great. And oh – I will spin for cheese! My six siblings and I were found in a dumpster in Georgia; now, I have a mom and dad who really love me, and a big yard to run and play in! I even have two new siblings, Olive and Pompy – they are pretty cool, even if they are kitties! (Don’t worry – my sibs also found great, loving homes!) Running, retrieving, chewing, and sniffing are my favorite activities and as much as I loved all that super fun snow, I have just discovered the joy of rolling in grass! I just can’t get enough! We think I am part Lab and part Boxer, and maybe part love bug and part crazy. I just want to be wherever my family is, and thank goodness I am around to keep them from sitting too long! After a full day of tracking and exploring, I love to snuggle with them and a warm, fuzzy blanket. I do snore, but I also give the best hugs. I’ll be sure to have one ready for you!

Meet Fiona’s mom: Cathleen King, Marketing Coordinator

Cathleen lives in Clarksburg with her husband and The Livestock – two senior kitties, Olive and Pomplemousse, and a ten-month old rescue pup named Fiona. She has two adult children who live as continental bookends – a son in Seattle and a daughter in Boston. Cathleen loves creative outlets including writing, gardening, cross stitch, crochet, and making jewelry. Read more about Cathleen.

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