Top 10 Ways to Put Your 1Berkshire Membership to Work

As a 1Berkshire member we represent YOU and your business regionally and at the state level. We want to ensure that you make the most of all your member benefits: exposure to your business and services; economic development resources and support; opportunities to reach new and repeat visitors, residents, and those considering relocation; alignment and support of the Berkshires’ official regional tourism council – and so much more!

Here are the top 10 ways to put your 1Berkshire membership to work!

  1. Send Us Content for Social Media: 1Berkshire has a collective audience of 93,800 (as of January 2024) across 10 channels. Let us know when you have something going on by filling out the social media post request form, and we’ll help you get the word out!
  2. Send Us Images: 1Berkshire maintains a photo and video library used to promote the region. Your business could be featured in an ad that reaches thousands to millions of viewers. The better the images, the more likely you are to be included in these campaigns. It’s FREE advertising. Email images to
  3. Send Us Your Events: We have two calendars, one for business/community events on and one for visitors and residents on Only Enhanced members can be included on Email your events to
  4. Keep Your Listing Up-to-Date: As a 1Berkshire member, your business has a listing in the Member Directory on Core and Enhanced members are included in the Official Guide to the Berkshires. If you are an Enhanced member, you have an expanded listing on and in the Official Guide. Make sure your info is current so users can find you and click through to your site.
  5. Make Connections: Learn, network, and make valuable connections for support and resources when you attend our free Entrepreneurial Meetups, 1B Socials, Annual Membership Meeting, and other special events such as Celebrate the Berkshires. Want to host and event to show off your business? Let us know! While many of our events are open to the public, only 1Berkshire Members can host. Email for more information.
  6. Be Part of the Greater Good for the Region: 1Berkshire helps bring $ into the economy each year (Tourism Impact Data). By supporting our shared efforts, you directly contribute to and benefit from this influx of economic gain. The results of our marketing programs are impressive, too.
  7. Purchase High Impact-Low Cost Advertising: We create opportunities for you to advertise your business. Our national media buyer helps us maximize our grant dollars to promote the Berkshires far and wide. When you participate, you not only support promotion of the entire region, you maximize your own opportunity to reach consumers at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay on your own. Our campaigns reach 70K to more than 225K eyeballs.
  8. Use Our Business Resources: Sign up for our e-communications to stay current on  upcoming opportunities, events, and visitor outreach. Members have access to member-priced job placement in the jobs thing. Utilize our Site Selector to showcase or find prime commercial real estate. Register for GoFundU – and other programs as offered – to increase skills and knowledge to grow your business. Sign up for a free Entrepreneurial Consult for access to our expert Economic Development team. Ask us to help with a ribbon cutting event, notary services, certificate of origin services – the list goes on!
  9. Use our Enhanced Member Resources: Enhanced members can participate in quarterly PR Exchanges where you’ll hear and learn how to be part of  current marketing and PR efforts.. It’s a great opportunity for idea generation and collaboration. Email to request being added to the list. (Not all members will qualify.)
  10. Participate in Familiarization Tours: Enhanced members in the tourism sector are often offered the opportunity to host journalists in exchange for advertising their business in various outlets. If you’re interested, let us know! Email

Thank you for being a 1Berkshire member. We are so happy to serve, support, and represent you!

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