Spectrum News 1: Berkshire businesses facing staff shortages

Berkshire businesses facing staff shortages as summer tourism season approaches

By Matt Ristaino, Berkshire County

Published 4:30PM ET May 26, 2021

BERKSHIRE COUNTY, Mass. – Twoflower Café co-owner Rupert Jones is behind the counter every day. In part, because the business opened just three months ago, but they’re also short-staffed.

“Normally when you open a business, I’ve had a few of these in the past, you have plenty of staff and plenty of people applying, and the challenge is getting enough customers,” Jones said. “We’ve flipped that challenge here. We have a ton of customers, and the challenge is getting good staff.”

As the summer tourism season draws closer, they aren’t the only ones looking for new hires.

Walk down any Main Street in the Berkshires and you’ll see “Help Wanted” signs, like the ones at Patisserie Lenox, where they’re cutting back operations because of the lack of staff.

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