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Coming Soon: New 1Berkshire Membership Levels & Pricing

In response to the pandemic and resulting financial hardship for so many of our local businesses, 1Berkshire discounted membership rates last June, allowing us to keep our membership strong and provide our members with the support they needed. As we all emerge from this difficult time and continue the process of rebuilding our lives and livelihoods, 1Berkshire has decided to restructure its membership levels, increasing benefits and expanding affordability. 

1Berkshire membership means different things to different members. For some we are a partner who forges connections between entrepreneurs, initiatives, and missions; or we are an entity dedicated to growing local businesses through consultations and provided resources. To other members and nonmembers, we are our programs, focused on developing leaders for our shared future. And for some, we are the premiere marketing agency for the Berkshires—our top priority is promoting the region.

All Berkshire businesses benefit from 1Berkshire’s mission. Our work centers around bolstering new and repeat tourism, population growth, and economic health and success. When our efforts directly result in increased tourism and relocator dollars entering the Berkshire economy, we all benefit, despite membership status. When we succeed, so do you and your business.

We hope you will renew your membership. If you are not a member yet, we hope you will join. There is strength in numbers and your support is crucial to our continued and expanding success. We knew this before, but if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we are stronger together.

We can not wait to welcome you to the 1Berkshire family and thank you for your ongoing support. Should you have any questions or want to find out how to join, reach out to our Director of Member Services, Christine Hoyt, and she will be happy to help out.

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