Safety Pledge Flyer

Let’s Speak with 1 Voice

1Berkshire Safety Pledge badgeThe health and safety of everyone who lives, works, and visits our community is a top concern at 1Berkshire. As restrictions are lifted and the Berkshires carefully reopen, we believe our community benefits when we all speak with a single voice and present a cohesive message about keeping residents and visitors safe. Our Stay Safe #intheBerkshires flyer is a new tool available to help communicate a shared commitment to safety.

In just 3 quick steps, you can support the safety of the Berkshires and enhance confidence for visitors:

1. DOWNLOAD the Stay Safe #intheBerkshires flyer.

2. DISPLAY the flyer on the door of your business or throughout your facility, or print as a poster and display on an easel or anywhere it can easily be seen.

3. SHARE the flyer via your e-communications, social media, and email to your fellow businesses, or print copies for fellow biz owners.

We at 1Berkshire created this tool to help everyone feel confident and comfortable patronizing our businesses. Let’s all speak with one collective voice – print and post this flyer so that you, your staff, and guests can pledge to stay safe #intheBerkshires.

Need us to print one for you? Let us know!

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