Devin Shea – Spotlight

Thank you, Devin, for doing an interview with us.Devin Shea, the Vice Chair of BYP,  is the Chief Creative Officer for #R3SET, a start-up media company that crowdsources stories of people  solving community challenges through bold and innovative ideas. After graduating from Taconic he went to BCC for engineering and then Umass Amherst where he studied storytelling through film, theater, and animation.

Following a path set by a life-threatening car accident with his mother, he found a passion for marrying the worlds of health and physics. Soon after college, he co-founded a consulting company called Reaction Foundry that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs reduce the stress of everyday life by simplifying and automating their business through technology. When he’s not working on his start-ups, Devin loves to learn and teach new things like his current focus (biophysics), being outside on the local lakes, hiking, traveling, drinking awesome wine, and generally “nerding out.” He also does crazy things like puts butter in his coffee, has an “ice vest” and wears red glasses when the sun goes down.

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