BLP Alumni Spotlight: Jackie Kelly

Jackie Kelly - BLP AlumniMeet BLP Alumni Jackie Kelly, Berkshire Leadership Program Class of ‘08

The Berkshire Leadership Program (BLP) is a comprehensive course in local leadership. BLP seeks, prepares, involves, and sustains leaders from diverse backgrounds who are committed and competent to address community challenges and improve the quality of life in the Berkshires. Learn more.

Job Titles: Owner of Allied Business Solutions

1. What do you think makes a good leader?

I think my love of the community we live in and my desire to connect with and learn from others helps shape me as a leader. I grew up, started a business and am raising my family here. I enjoy collaborating with others to pursue projects and support organizations that will enhance our lives in the Berkshires and continue to make this a place I’m happy to raise my three daughters in.   

2. How did BLP enhance your leadership abilities?

When I participated in BLP it was shortly after returning to the area from college.  It allowed me to learn about the community as an adult professional and see things in a different perspective than as a life-long resident.  I gained valuable personal and professional relationships, and insight from local leaders.  It also allowed me to explore my personal “leadership” style and how to most effectively leverage that and collaborate with others of the same and different styles.

3. What’s one project or initiative that you’re currently spearheading?

In addition to the BLP committee, I also serve on 1Berkshire’s Youth Leadership Program Committee.  This program, geared to the county’s high school juniors, mirrors the local economic sector content of BLP in many ways and looks to explore leadership and local career opportunities for its participants. It completed its 11th  year of programming last Spring after a fully virtual format due to COVID. I think the engagement of local youth and ideally their long term retention or return to the area is critical. The committee is currently exploring a reformatting of the program and evaluation and update of content. I’m excited to be involved in that process and personally hope to see how we might find some direct collaboration with BLP.

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