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the job thing. What?

Here in the Berkshires, we are blessed with an abundance of opportunities and resources second to none. Our natural and recreational centric surroundings, our deep and vibrant creative economy, and our wide array of lifestyle options all culminate in this being an excellent place to build a future. We here at 1Berkshire realize, however, that there is a gap yet to be addressed in our economic ecosystem…well marketed, select employment opportunities.

After listening to numerous large employers across the region, frustrated job seekers, and career-focused professionals looking to advance, we realized that while many available top-notch jobs exist here in the Berkshires, it is often difficult to find the jobs that attract new employees to the region and provide a path for career advancement in the local job market. So, we tested a concept out with several key partners: Berkshire Health Systems, General Dynamics, Williams College and Greylock Federal Credit Union. Together we launched a pilot marketing campaign that utilized digital retargeting to talk about “Your next career move being to the Berkshires.”

The results were astonishing.

500,000+ individuals, over just a few weeks, were exposed to employment opportunities here in the Berkshires. Not only that, we found that a significant number of those who were exposed clicked through to our partner websites. It was with this proof that an outwardly marketed job portal could have a high impact reach, and with that, we began to develop what we are excited to share with you today!

Welcome to the jobs thing. The first Berkshire County jobs portal which is posting only permanent, full-time, Berkshire-based jobs that pay $40,000 per year or more. Not only is the jobs thing a reliable jobs resource for locals, but it’s also the first job site in the Berkshires that is actively marketed outside of the county to help recruit new, highly-qualified employees and potential new residents to join us here #intheberkshires.

We are incredibly excited about the opportunities the jobs thing can offer our members who are looking to market their positions and, just as importantly, the region as a whole. With this tool, we aim to raise the bar of employment opportunities and help to bring in great talent that complements those that already call the Berkshires home. Finally, there is a site that brings together living, playing, and now WORKING in the Berkshires. Take a look, we’re sure you’ll be just as excited as we are for what the jobs thing can be.

If you’re an employer looking to post on the jobs thing, or if you have any questions or comments after you’ve taken a look at the tool, please feel free to reach out to us here in the 1Berkshire Economic Development Team at

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