Becky Miner – 2018 Women in Business Interview

Becky Miner

Name: Becky Miner
Place of Employment: Miner Combat
Title: Owner

What is your 3 sentence biography? / What is your personal elevator pitch?
My goal in this industry is to always make fitness fun and available to everyone. Being real, honest and approachable is what makes people feel welcome. Providing top of the line equipment, effective programs, and knowledgeable coaching is what brings results to their fitness goals.

Tell us about the challenges you faced on your path, and what you learned from it.
One of the biggest challenges in a fitness journey is figuring out what works specifically for you and your body. Having struggled with losing weight after pregnancy and overcoming that weight loss, I found myself struggling again to take my fitness and health to the next level. Working out was making me stronger yet I struggled for years with changing my body. As frustrating as this was as a gym owner, never giving up allowed me to further educate myself and finally achieve my healthiest body composition. My own fitness journey is what has allowed me to help others be successful in health and fitness. I’m so grateful to have a true understanding of the struggles, overcome them and as a result, I’m able to walk alongside my clients and be an example that their goals are 100% obtainable. Everyone has their own battles, regardless of what their life looks like from the outside.

What “secret to success” would you share with young women entering the (Berkshire) workforce?
The number 1 secret to success is confidence in your dream and your ability to create it. There are many steps to overcoming each hurdle, write them down and tackle them one at a time. You are the only one who can determine your success.

What Berkshire women in business inspire you and why?
The women I find most inspiring are the ones who go out of their way to build up other women. Suzy Helme is a great inspiration to me. She is a woman who wears so many hats in the community and she’s a wonderful mother as well. Suzy has always taken the time to build up others, their work, and businesses no matter how busy she is.

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