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#BeKindBerkshires: A Kindness Campaign

Be Kind Berkshires ImageIt is more important than ever to show one another kindness and compassion – at home, in our communities, and in our travels.

Like many destinations around the country, our region faces changes such as increased population, seasonal visitation, and pressures on the rural infrastructure, including labor and supply shortages. Be Kind Berkshires aims to invite empathy from Berkshire business patrons, service providers, and attractions.

A little appreciation, a word of gratitude, an act of kindness, reminds us all, we are in this together.

1Berkshire and the Norman Rockwell Museum have partnered in this kindness campaign to ignite and foster a renewed sense of fellowship in our community. We hope you will join us. A little bit of kindness can go a very long way. #BeKindBerkshires

8 Ways to Be Kind #intheBerkshires

Dining iconThe Berkshires is known for its inspired cuisine, from farm-to-table fare to menus inspired by world-traveling chefs, with options for indoor and outdoor dining. Call ahead to see if you can make a reservation, confirm open hours, and see if it’s pet-friendly. If you can’t, have a little patience in being seated and waiting for service. Many restaurants cannot provide their usual menu substitutions or have marked up their prices in order to pay a living wage. So bring your understanding and generosity as well as your appetite! Hankering for takeout from your fave Berkshire bistro? Check menus ahead of time to speed up the ordering process. Call in takeout orders before you’re in the parking lot.

Museum iconThe beloved Berkshire cultural sites and attractions are thrilled to be open again, and to welcome you! To ensure a wonderful visit, plan ahead for timed-entry and limited capacities. Follow our unified safety guidelines. Many locations are also a bit short-staffed and going the extra-mile to give you a safe experience. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Generous Words iconIf you can afford to tip, a little extra cash can really make a hard-working Berkshire employee’s day. But don’t worry if you’re on a budget. Kind words and compliments are valuable too. If you enjoyed your meal, had a nice time at an exhibit, loved walking around a shop – let them know! Consider putting away your own cart at the grocery store, or restock an item if you change your mind. Every kind action, no matter how small, is a big help.

Review IconUnfortunately, some experiences just don’t go according to plan. If you are unhappy with a meal, service, or other experience, consider speaking directly to management before writing an unfavorable review. The business may be able to address your concern right away, and the feedback – when given kindly – may be helpful in addressing future challenges. A bad review is always hard on business, but during these tough times it can be even more detrimental.

Drive IconSpeed limits change frequenting on Berkshire roads as they wind through our 30 towns and 2 cities. Follow the speed limit and watch for pedestrians and bikes. You may find ample parking in some places, or have a harder time securing a spot in others. Give yourself time to get where you’re going and find a spot, and still make your reservation, timed-entry, or show. The extra time will you you extra peace of mind and keep our roads and parking lots safe.

Call Ahead IconWondering if you can dine in or outdoors at a particular restaurant? Hankering for takeout from your fave Berkshire bistro? Is your pup traveling with you? Save yourself unexpected disappointment by calling ahead of your arrival to ask questions. Confirm days and hours to make sure a business is open when you want to go. Check menus ahead of time to speed up the ordering process. Call in takeout orders before you’re in the parking lot. Leave your pup in your pet-friendly hotel if the establishment has a no-pet rule. A little planning helps a lot!

Just Breathe IconRemember, we are all in this together. So before you react, take a moment to just breathe and choose words with positive intention. Everyone will benefit. Including you!

Just Give IconEnjoyed a show, loved an art exhibit? Consider making a donation to a Berkshire non-profit so they can continue their great work. You can find other organizations who tirelessly work to better our community here. Thank you in advance for making a donation. No amount is too small!

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Don’t forget to pack a little extra patience and goodwill for our hardworking local economy. When the time is right for you to travel, we can’t wait to you #intheBerkshires!

What to Do

What to Do

The Berkshires boasts over 100 cultural attractions, many of which are world-renowned. The region is surrounded by picturesque mountains and lush valleys. No matter the season, you’ll enjoy a plethora of adventurous recreational activities, fine dining, and unique shopping.

Explore Things to Do

Where to Stay

Where to Stay

Here in the beautiful Berkshires, we have many lodging options to host the perfect stay. Our region offers hotels, inns, B&Bs, cabins, campgrounds, motels, resorts, and vacation rentals – all with their own unique touch to make your vacation full of memories that will last a lifetime.

Find Your Perfect Stay

Eat & Drink

Eat & Drink

The Berkshires is a crossroads of culinary culture. Our menu of dining options is endless, from casual bistros, made-daily bakeries, front porch cocktails, and fireside pizza to inspired, one-of-a-kind dishes served at our many resorts. No matter the palate or budget, no one will leave hungry.

Ignite Your Appetite

Plan Your Trip

Plan Your Trip

Don’t wait to start planning your perfect Berkshire vacation. Our Know Before You Go tips, the Official Guide to the Berkshires, the Berkshire Brochure, and other easy-to-use resources on will make designing your getaway a breeze. Start exploring today. We can’t wait to see you #intheBerkshires!

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Kindness Campaign Icon#BeKindBerkshires Toolbox

We hope you will take part in this kindness campaign. Use the items in the below toolbox to help us spread the word.

Original #BeKindBerkshires Posters

The images in these beautiful #BeKindBerkshires posters were created by three local illustrators. Right click to save image and share on social media. Be sure to tag 1Berkshire and the Norman Rockwell Museum. Help us spread the love!

Marc Rosenthal, Kindness Heals, 2021. Digital. Collection of the artist. ©Marc Rosenthal. All rights reserved.

Marc Rosenthal

Kindness Heals

Marc Rosenthal, Kindness Heals, 2021. Digital. Collection of the artist. ©Marc Rosenthal. All rights reserved.

Nicole Tadgell

Choose Kindness

Nicole Tadgell, Choose Kindness, 2021. Watercolor on paper. Collection of the artist. ©Nicole Tadgell. All rights reserved.

Leo Quiles, Practice Kindness, 2021. Gouache on paper. Collection of the artist. ©Leo Quiles. All rights reserved.

Leo Quiles

Practice Kindness

Leo Quiles, Practice Kindness, 2021. Gouache on paper. Collection of the artist. ©Leo Quiles. All rights reserved.

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More Ways to Be Kind #intheBerkshires & Beyond

Check out these links for additional ideas to help you make the most of your time here in the Berkshires and beyond. Thank you for your kindness!

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