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Leah Thompson

I enjoy living in the Berkshires and love being involved in my community. I stay busy playing sports, visiting museums, and enjoying our nightlife.

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Christina Wynn

I love it here! I work at Berkshire Community College and spend my time volunteering, running, and networking.

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Matt Chester

After discovering the area via my wife, I quickly fell in love with the Berkshires! I spend my time supporting my community and enjoying the outdoors. I am a financial advisor, Stockbridge resident, and soon-to-be new dad.

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Marianne Fresia

I was born and raised in the Berkshires. I never left because I found a career here and enjoy the change in seasons. I feel it is important for people to have a healthy relationship with their money. I enjoy volunteering with various “financial wellness” programs.

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Ben Lamb

A former higher ed professional now doing economic development work for the county; I’m a North County enthusiast, dad, DIYer and PhD student. I have a passion for community and dreaming big! I work at 1Berkshire and know a lot about starting a business in North Adams.

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Roberta Dews

I am extremely passionate about helping young people reach their potential! I am involved in many arts and community programs. Like many women, I wear a variety of hats including wife, mother, and professional.

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Bethany Pelletier

I moved to the Berkshires for a job in the thriving cultural scene. I love cooking, kayaking, the arts, and any adventure that involves my dog, Boomer!

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