New Website to Help Berkshire County Stakeholders Leverage Resources to Rebuild and Recover from the Pandemic

Berkshire Funding Focus (BFF) delivers capacity-building support to Berkshire County stakeholders seeking government funds to aid with pandemic-related recovery and rebuilding efforts. Operating under principles of equity, inclusion, transparency, neutrality, collaboration, supportive service, and long-term impact, BFF has launched this initiative to provide end-to-end support for four core groups of stakeholders—non-profits, municipalities, schools, and small businesses. Strategies include identifying funding opportunities, offering training programs for grant-writing, grant management, and internal capacity building. BFF strives to serve as a clearinghouse for the investment of COVID-19 recovery dollars into the region, melding tradition and innovation to improve the well-being of community members.

To this end, BFF, with the support of its partners, has rolled out a new website. This tool is aimed at cities and towns, non-profits, educational institutions, and small businesses. Here are some of the ways you can put this tool to use:

  • Watch the Welcome video to understand how to navigate and use website
  • Check out technical assistance workshops and webinars on the Calendar
  • Find state and federal grants and resources to help meet goals for resilient communities, lifelong learning, and entrepreneurship, and innovation. has all the info you need.
  • Stay informed of new opportunities and information by signing up for BFF’s e-newsletter.

As a proud partner of Berkshire Funding Focus, the team at 1Berkshire is thrilled to help promote the launch of BFF’s website. If you have questions, contact the BFF team here, or reach out to directly. They look forward to helping you find the opportunities and resources that are right for you and your community!

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