Meet The Team – Christine & Elizabeth

Meet the 1Berkshire Team

Round 2: Christine & Elizabeth

By Jonathan Butler

Behind the scenes at 1Berkshire are 10 dedicated and hardworking staff members who make all that we do possible. From producing events and providing member benefits to creating digital advertising and writing experience-focused stories that entice new and repeat visitation to the Berkshires, our mission to foster economic development and bolster tourism is realized every single day through the stewardship and devotion of these loyal individuals.

As part of our recurring Meet the Team column, allow me to introduce two more members of the 1Berkshire team: Christine Hoyt, Director of Member Services, and Elizabeth Nelson, Senior Marketing Specialist.

Meet the Team - Christine

Meet Christine Hoyt, Director of Member Services

Christine is a huge fan of all things Berkshire, which made it a natural fit for her to join the 1Berkshire team in 2019 as the Director of Member Services. She specifically loves the many pet-friendly locations in the Berkshires which allows her and her husband Pete to bring along their favorite side-kick Barley (their Puggle).

Tell us a little about your role at 1Berkshire.
I am able to work with members and prospective members to find the right membership level and resources 1Berkshire can offer them. I also work on various programs and events, including the Berkshire Leadership Program and our upcoming Annual Meeting. I do look forward to getting back to in-person programming in 2022, as I miss seeing our members in person!

What do you most enjoy about living, working, and playing in the Berkshires?
I enjoy the beauty of all four seasons (even winter) as the Berkshires has so much to offer year-round. I love being able to drop my kayak into a body of water, go for a walk at the Greylock Glen, ride my bicycle along the Ashuwillticook Trail, see award-winning performances and artists, shop at local farms and farmers markets, and occasionally enjoy playing in the snow.

Tell us one fun fact about you – professional or personal.
I enjoy cooking! I am even working on a cookbook of family recipes that I hope to finish someday. Whether it is a simple meal at home, preparing something to bring to a friend’s house, or putting together snacks for a big game, I love how cooking can be anything I need it to be – methodical, therapeutic, or creative. I get to listen to my favorite music and can usually be found dancing in the kitchen. Food brings people together; at least it has always been a way to gather for my family. During the pandemic, I used cooking to get together with family and friends – learning new recipes and catching up with one another, virtually, from our respective kitchens.

What do you most enjoy about your job?
Aside from my co-workers and their canine companions?  I love working with the variety of businesses here in the Berkshires and determining how 1Berkshire can help them.  Understanding that our local businesses have varying needs and figuring out how to address them, is truly meaningful work.

Is there anything you wish people knew about 1Berkshire that perhaps they are unaware of?
1Berkshire is comprised of a small team of individuals who are some of the most caring people I know.  Each of us bring something to the table that allows for us to work toward a stronger region.  I love this Meet the Team series which will allow for you all to meet the people I am fortunate to get to work with, and who work for and with you, every day.

Meet the Team - ElizabethMeet Elizabeth Nelson, Senior Marketing Specialist

Elizabeth joined 1Berkshire in her new role as Senior Marketing Specialist in September 2019. When not cooking with her husband or hiking with her Puggle, Harper Lee, she spends her free time writing short fiction, poetry, and plays, and creating floral mandalas. Check out her work at

Tell us a little about your role at 1Berkshire.
Mainly my role is to oversee the execution of our e-communication, social media, and website initiatives and strategies. I also spend a lot of time writing copy, editing articles, designing graphics, and managing projects such as the redesign of That’s been a massive undertaking and I’m excited to see the new and improved site launch early in 2022.

What do you most enjoy about living, working, and playing in the Berkshires?
I absolutely love the Berkshires. I’m from Texas originally (where there are only 2 seasons – hot and hotter) and spent nearly 10 years in NYC (which is both fantastic and a draining grind). I had no idea what the Berks were like when I got a job here in 2016, and I could not have found myself in a more beloved community to now call home. I love the various personalities of our small towns, the plethora of cultural attractions, and the easy access to stunningly beautiful outdoors. I enjoy hiking and foraging for my art projects. I am also really into antiquing and the Berkshires is full of amazing shops – my fave right now is Berkshire Mantiques.

Tell us one fun fact about you – professional or personal.
I wrote a 10-minute play in college that was published, both in print and online, in an anthology by a really small local press. It’s oddly popular with students and festivals, and it’s been produced all over the world, including countries like Iran where some of the dialogue had to be changed because certain expressions and imagery are not allowed on stage. It’s especially moving to me because the play is about violence against girls. The notes I receive from young performers and directors always warm my heart.

What do you most enjoy about your job?
I come from the arts where collaboration is crucial. Working in tandem with my teammates to do our jobs well brings me a lot of satisfaction.

Is there anything you wish people knew about 1Berkshire that perhaps they are unaware of?
So much of what 1Berkshire does is behind-the-scenes. We promote the region in creative ways. So many of those resources that benefit the entire community and economy have no discerning tie to our corporate brand, which is as it should be. I think people aren’t always aware of just how much we do, how much we’re always working for the good of our entire region. I wish people knew just how many projects and initiatives we’re working on at any one time. It’s really impressive, especially for a small staff.

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