The Most Influential Curators of 2016

In 2016’s turbulent social and political climate, the exhibitions that resonated did not shy away from the fraught issues of our times. Informed by the insights of Artsy’s editors, and bolstered by data from UBS’s art news app Planet Art, the curators of these shows emerged as making the most impact on the institutional landscape this year. Presented here in no specific order, these curators created shows that reflected the nuances of human experience in today’s world, expanded the parameters of art, or engaged in revisionist histories, redressing systemic biases and enabling us to see past and present art practices anew. Many of those on the list also put the artist first, empowering creatives to do what they do best—helping us to see our realities, and each other, more clearly. Read more about these curators including Susan Cross,  Curator Mass Moca >>

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