Homebound Fun & Cabin Fever Survival

Welcome to 1Berkshire’s collection of fun and entertaining ways to survive social distancing and homebound jitters. Look for 1B Staff Picks throughout. Have an idea? Send it to us!

We are refreshing this page regularly, so keep checking back for more fun things to improve your stay-home experience!

Last updated May 22, 2020.

Explore Virtual Berkshires

Just because you may not be able to physically visit the Berkshires doesn’t mean you can’t explore all the amazing experiences, cultural treasures, and outdoor beauty that this dynamic region has to offer…

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Jack Ryan (Amazon Prime) If you’ve seen any of the movies featuring Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, you know what you’re in for. John Krasinski plays the title role as a CIA analyst thrust into a world of danger and intrigue.

The Expanse (Amazon Prime) In the far future, watch a whodunnit unravel into a war between Earth, Mars, and humans clinging to existence in the asteroid belt.

Lonely Planet TV Enjoy free access to Lonely Planet TV for a limited time!

How to Get Away with Murder (Hulu) Law School wasn’t supposed to get this real. This suspenseful thriller will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Hunters (Amazon Prime) In the late 70s, a diverse group of people hunt Nazis hiding in America. Al Pacino leads a great cast in this decidedly dark series.

Daybreak – If Not Another Teen Movie and Shawn of the Dead had a child, this would be it.

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson – This series of shorts packs a lot of laughs into a little package.

I Am Not Okay With This – Funny, imaginative, dark, and full of teen rage.

The Repair Shop Ben’s Staff Pick: “I love how this show is basically a globbing together of The Great British Bake Off and Antiques Roadshow. If you are at all like me, this is an easy way to lose 10 hours of your week in short order.”

Ozark – A financial advisor laundering money for a drug cartel uproots his family to set up shop in Missouri. This masterpiece Netflix Original just launched its third season. Definitely not for kids.

Brooklyn 99This sitcom about a fictional NYPD precinct will put the cuffs on your cabin fever. All seven seasons are available from Hulu, which offers a seven-day free trial for new subscribers.

30 Rock – If you somehow haven’t already seen this classic comedy about TV production, now is the time. Available on Hulu.

HBO’s We Are the Dream – The Kids of the Oakland MLK Oratorical Fest is an inspiring documentary about kids preparing for the iconic festival, speaking up about issues that matter. You can stream it for free on HBO in April!

Hook (Netflix) is a 90s classic kids will love. Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman deliver great performances alongside a classic John Williams score.

Firefly (Hulu)A sci-fi space-western classic with a great sense of humor and a heart of gold- now streaming on Hulu. Shiny!

After Life (Netflix) From the mind of Ricky Gervais comes this comedy about an English widower coping with his wife’s death- by being a jerk.

Dark Matter (Netflix) Strangers awake aboard a starship with no memories. As they attempt to uncover their pasts, some of them get more than they bargained for.

The Mandalorian (Disney+) – If you’ve been living under a rock and are wondering what all this “Baby Yoda” stuff has been about, now’s the time.

Breaking Bad (Netflix) If you still haven’t seen this one, now’s a good time. You can stream this masterpiece in its entirety on Netflix.

We Are One Youtube Film Festival (Youtube) YouTube has teamed up with 10 film festivals from around the world for a 10-day free online film festival from May 29-June 7.

Friday Night Lights (Hulu) Catch this classic early 00’s drama about a small Texas town with big football dreams. All five seasons are now streaming on Hulu.


Just 15 Photographs of Majestic Horses in Iceland.

This Instagram feed just posts pictures of cute dogs and cats.

*Local Pick* Follow 1Berkshire Member Berkshire Theater Group on Facebook for live theater, conversations, and other great content you can enjoy from home!

This poem is called “First lines of emails I’ve received while quarantining.”

*Local Pick* Soak up a #BerkshireMomentofZen

The USS Constitution on Facebook

Kevin’s Staff Pick Check out “Old Ironsides” (aka the USS Constitution) on Facebook. The world’s oldest commissioned warship still afloat is still crewed by the US Navy, and its facebook page features live tours daily.

Roll through this Twitter feed of very round animals

Pasta Social Club – Make ravioli. Make friends.

Enjoy Patrick Stewart reading Shakespearean sonnets

Soak up a #BerkshireMomentofZen

Gorgeous food photography from our friends at Braise Worthy

Tree Magic is just what you imagine it might be…

The earth is what we all have in common.

Gorgeous food photography from 1Berkshire Member Braise Worthy

Lucy the Jack Russell Terrier’s instagram feed brings the laughs and the cute. You will be entertained.

Snuggle up to a good-night book read aloud by Dolly Parton

Beautiful lettering and often inspiring phrases!

Follow PlanetFitness’ Facebook page for daily Work-Ins that you can do to help keep your fitness routine in place while you’re unable to go to the gym.

do you like color? click please…

Flower-lovers can now enjoy the Netherlands’ amazing tulips online

*Local Pick* 1Berkshire Member Jacob’s Pillow “Human Interaction” playlist – At a time when so many of us are social distancing, it can be reassuring (and a little shocking) to see people touching each other—even when it’s onscreen. The human interactions seen in these videos remind us that dance is an intensely physical art form which celebrates our connections with each other

A collection of old Hollywood bloopers

Scroll through Yo-Yo Ma’s Twitter for #SongsOfComfort and treat your ears right!

*Local Pick* 1Berkshire Member The Clark has many online offerings including art-based activities for all ages.

Mt. Washington Observatory (Facebook) Enjoy the beautiful pictures and sense of humor from the crew in the observatory atop Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:15am, they host “Home of the World’s Worst Weather Live” and answer questions from fans!

*Local Pick* 1Berkshire Member Mass Audubon has created a list of wildlife webcams!

Woman Makes Sign Telling Neighbors to Start “Silly Walking” and They Don’t Disappoint

Photoshop’s Instagram feed makes great use of user-generated content. You’ll be amazed!

An aerial study of Hong Kong’s fountains


Irish punk favorites The Dropkick Murphys will stream a live concert from Fenway Park, featuring a guest appearance from The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen. Tune in 5/29 at 6PM EST.

All of your familiar favorites, with a new twist. Check out this Ultimate Covers Playlist on Spotify.

*Local Pick* That Berkshire podcast – an insider’s view into living, working and playing #intheBerkshires

*Local Pick* PillowVoices: Dance Through Time brings listeners closer to notable dance artists connected with Jacob’s Pillow, from 1933 to today. Each piece exemplifies Jacob’s Pillow’s mission to ‘support dance creation, presentation, education, and preservation; and to engage and deepen public appreciation and support for dance’ by utilizing archival recordings brought to life in the personal stories and narration of current thought-leaders and scholars. Jacob’s Pillow is a 1Berkshire Member.

That Berkshire podcast – an insider’s view into living, working and playing #intheBerkshires

Coronavirus Quarantine Playlist

50 Bird Species and the Sounds They Make

The Science of Happiness podcast – research-tested strategies for a happier, more meaningful life

1Berkshire Member BSO at Home

Pop hits covered in the bossa nova style – think a mix of soft jazz and samba. Soothing, relaxing, familiar. Enjoy.

Whiskey Treaty Roadshow Lindsey’s Staff Pick: “I’ve seen them in concert many times and they always bring a smile to my face and get me moving. It’s great to be able to welcome them into my home!”

Condé Nast Traveler editors Lale Arikoglu & Meredith Carey focus on the realities of traveling as a female today in this podcast

Like a pub chat with travel experts…Flight of Fancy podcast.

*Local Pick* 1Berkshire Member BSO at Home Concert for Our City. Stream on Sunday, April 5 at 3pm.

Melbourne is an edgy, alternative, and effortlessly cool Spotify playlist by Lonely Planet.

Here For You, a lovely daily dose of all-in-this-togetherness.

Its origin is a mystery. Composer, performer, recording: all unknown. The year of its creation is unknown. All we know is how it sounds: stately and nostalgic.

5 Comedy Podcasts for Some Much-Needed Quarantine Comic Relief

Quarantine Sounds Better On Vinyl

Family Guy characters Stewie & Brian make a podcast during quarantine c/o Seth MacFarlane

BBC earth podcast

Covers pirates of all ages, from all times and places, from ancient to modern.

Get ready to dance with this collection of hip-swinging, sizzling beats from Havana, Cuba’s capital of cool

You’re wrong about that.

Check out She Explores, a podcast for & about women who are inspired by time spent outside

*Local Pick* In this episode of 1Berkshire Member Jacob’s Pillow’s Pillow Voices podcast, choreographer Sydney Skybetter interviews fellow dancemaker Adam H. Weinert, focused on the recent reconstruction of Ted Shawn’s iconic Dance of the Ages, a 1938 work that had not been performed in nearly 80 years.

No doubt about it, Las Vegas attracts some of the brightest lights in entertainment. 1Berkshire Member MGM is bringing these superstars to you virtually with their Vegas From Home playlists on Spotify!

How Does a New Yawker Tawk?

How To Stay Steady Within Yourself In Moments of Uncertainty


Live camera in Manitoba, Canada captures the northern lights. Tune in at night!

Watch a movie at the Hollywood Drive-In Theatre

*Local Pick* Join 1Berkshire Member Berkshire Community College for an hour of alumni stories and Q&A!

The UK’s Stonehenge will be streaming its summer solstice celebration for the first time ever! Tune in Saturday June 20 at 4:26pm EST for sunset and at 11:52pm for sunrise!

*Local Pick* Behind the Lens with Adam Weinert in “Dance of the Ages”: A Short Film shared by 1Berkshire Member Jacob’s Pillow

We Interrupt This Brain Surgery to Bring You a Violin Solo…

This live penguin cam from the San Diego Zoo is sure to delight. You can also watch pandas, koalas, elephants, tigers, and more.

Get inspired in your kitchen with Bon Appétit’s YouTube channel

Elton John’s Living Room Concert for America Katie’s Staff Pick: “I’m planning to watch Elton John this Sunday, March 29th. Can’t wait!” (link goes to youtube recording)

Pluto has some advice for us all…also, don’t let your cats hear…

Looking for a way to destress? Try these “slow tv” channels…you can take a 7 hour train ride from Oslo to Bergen, watch 2 hours of dogs playing on the beach, or go sailing to Tobago in just under 3 hours

Official SXSW 2020 Short Films…for FREE!

Top 25 ted talks of all time…leadership, vulnerability happiness and more

Check out National Theatre’s YouTube Channel to stream some of the best british theatre. Check back every Thursday for a new play!

*Local Pick* Williamstown Images Cinema brings Images Online rent or buy downloads of films to watch and home and support the theater

VSauce offers lots of fun videos, from thought-provoking to entertaining!

In these challenging times, Bob Ross is a voice of calm we could all use, and all 31 seasons of The Joy of Painting are on YouTube. Let Bob teach you about life, painting, and happy little trees.

Documentary Heaven offers thousands of free documentaries to watch online.

*Local Pick*  1Berkshire Member Mahaiwe Recommends

Sol LeWitt: A Wall Drawing Retrospective

FREE streaming Broadway for a limited time

10 Movies To Watch For A Virtual Trip Around The World

Haircut Harry…traveling the world one barber shop at a time!


Make & share crafts with the inspo from this FB Group

*Local Pick* Enjoy a variety of free and paid classes from 1Berkshire Member IS183, the leading provider of high-quality, hands-on instruction in the visual arts year-round in the Berkshires.

How to make an epic mood board.

Make a clone of yourself and sneak out of a Zoom call!

Taste & Imbibe

Quarantine Cuisine with 1Berkshire

Jonathan’s Staff Pick: “I love to cook and it’s been integral to my sanity during the quarantine. A lot of my friends have been asking for my gremolata recipe – so here it is! It’s perfect for spring and summer grilling.”

Eat Local! Berkshire Takeout, Delivery & Curbside

Ice Glen Vodka by Berkshire Mountain Distillers – drink with a grapefruit Spindrift for a quick killer cocktail

Pizza Beans

Host a virtual happy hour. These tips will get you started.

roasted red pepper alla vodka pasta with cheesy oregano breadcrumbs

Vegan crunchwrap supreme

Basically Spaghetti Pomodoro Abby’s Staff Pick: “This is one of my fave, go-to recipes when I’m running low on fresh ingredients and want a quick dinner.”

Ice Glen Vodka by 1Berkshire Member Berkshire Mountain Distillers – drink with a grapefruit Spindrift for a quick killer cocktail

Homemade Samoas! They take forever but it’s worth the time (especially when it’s not GSC season!)

Use this time to get a kick start on reducing your processed food intake

Light and airy GF muffins loaded with berries…mmmm!

Create Your Own Sour Dough Starter Katie’s Staff Pick: “Although I haven’t made this recipe yet, I love to bake and cannot wait to start this. Not only will I be able to bake some fresh sour dough bread, but I will also be able to stop at the porches of my family and friends for them to be able to do it as well.”

Pimm’s, a UK cocktail to try this spring.

What to do with that can of chickpeas in your pantry? Oh boy, have we got a recipe for you.

Make homemade vanilla extract

Fun YouTube channel to help you shake up the perfect cocktail during the quarantine

The Travel Kitchen Series #10: Vietnamese pho.

Quinoa Cakes!

Cashew Cardamom Balls…a sweet treat for everyone including vegans and GF peeps!

20 minute honey garlic butter shrimp

Strawberry Sheet Cake with Rhubarb Swiss Meringue Frosting from a cozy kitchen

Shockingly Easy No-Knead Focaccia

Check out this fun YouTube channel and learn how to shake up the perfect cocktail during quarantine.

Fun YouTube channel to help you shake up the perfect cocktail during the quarantine

*Local Pick* Take a break and learn to make some great cocktails with #AtHomeHappyHour from 1Berkshire Member Hampton Terrace Inn

Spicy Bacon Fried Rice

Easy, DIY Perpetual Buttermilk

Looking for a baking challenge? Make a Bee Sting Cake!

How Dalgona coffee became the internet’s favorite quarantine drink

quick, essential stovetop mac-and-cheese

Play & Learn

You Can Download Thousands of Coloring Book Pages From Museum Collections

*Local Pick* Zoom with the baby animals at 1Berkshire Member Hancock Shaker Village!

9 car camping essentials for summer road trips

*Local Pick* During times like these, self-care is more important than ever. Check out 1Berkshire Member Canyon Ranch’s Resilience page for resources about fitness, health and healing, nutrition, and more!

*Local Pick* See if you can get a Berkshire BINGO

*Local Pick* 1Berkshire Member Barrington Stage Company is throwing a virtual bash!

A simple/fun web-based drawing app

Love pets? Follow Berkshire Humane Society for furry how-tos and adorable adoptables.

Check out the skull of the SMALLEST dinosaur!

A Big List of Podcasts for Little Kids

Color these free pages of famous Van Goh pieces

*Local Pick* Let’s color the Berkshires!

Laurie Berkner Band Jeremy’s Staff Pick: Laurie Berkner is a children’s music icon. Lately, she’s been doing daily Facebook Live concerts from the comfort of her home. It’s music keeping both our little daughter and us parents happy as bumblebees – buzz, buzz, buzz…”

Check out the New England Aquarium’s Virtual Visit page for fun and informational videos and great activities and crafts!

Love pets? Follow 1Berkshire Member Berkshire Humane Society for furry how-tos and adorable adoptables.

Mandala coloring book from 1Berkshire Member Kripalu.

*Local Pick* Live in the Berkshires? Take a drive! For some inspiration, check out Berkshire Scenic Driving Tours.

Two weeks worth of fun science experiments, make a mess and learn!

Check out these huge lists of authors doing storytime readings (remember to check time zones).

Take a free course on The Science of Wellbeing from Yale.

*Local Pick* West African & Caribbean drum classes from 1Berkshire Member Tamarack Hollow Nature & Cultural Center. Zoom classes are held Mondays & Thursdays. Email aimee@gaiaroots.com for registration info.

If your kids love animals and games, they’ll want to solve the Case of the Sick Puppy

*Local Pick* 1Berkshire Member Mass Audubon’s Explore Nature at Home

Missing the gym? Check out five workouts to do from home!

Are you the kind of person always trying to identify a plant or animal you’ve seen in the wild? Check out iNaturalist, shared by 1Berkshire Member Mass Audubon!

Bring some magic to your social distancing experience with this Harry Potter-themed escape room!

26 amazing animal facts for kids…like, a giraffe has seven bones in its neck, which is the same as a human has, but they are much larger. Wow!

Take online classes- at Hogwarts! 

*Local Pick* Join 1Berkshire Member UCP of Western Massachusetts for a Virtual Bingo Night fundraiser on May 21!

Many of Harvard’s online courses are now available for free!


@#$% the Break. The Bread is Over.

Elizabeth’s Staff Pick: “I was bowled over by the raw beauty of this essay on The Paris Review. She writes about being a woman, a mother, a teacher, interviewing for a job that she did not get, teaching her children at home…all the while drawing connections between our lives and the way we live them, with the brutal structure and themes of fairy tales. It’s a quick, but deep, read.”

Death, Sex & Money’s Pandemic Tool Kit

Feeling Stressed? ‘Safety Signals’ Might Help Your Brain Better Cope in the Moment

A Woman to Know – Increase your lady knowledge with this newsletter

Shrill: Notes from A Loud Woman by Lindy West Elizabeth’s Staff Pick: “Funny, witty, and thought-provoking. I loved reading this book because it made me see the world – and my own experience as a woman, a writer, and professional – in new ways. Lindy is smart and sassy. I read Shrill in less than a week after binging the series it inspired.”

Check out this CNET article for 13 Zoom video chat tips, tricks, and hidden features.

Learn how many, many things work.

This New York Times article suggests you Stop Trying to Be Productive.

Satisfy your wanderlust with one of these travel-themed subscription boxes.

From Yips to Shrieks, Fox Talk Runs the Gamut

Find our if your pooch is stressed (who isn’t?)

The Boston Globe put together a list of 75 things to do while stuck at home.

Borrow an e-book

Mental Floss delivers interesting and fun content with an upbeat tone. From life’s big questions to interesting little stories, you’ll find it all here.

Thought provoking but fun posts like this one on your life broken down to weeks

Find your zen!

Kids can cook, too!

Tina Fey, Mike Schur, and 35 more TV writers on what their characters would do in a pandemic.

*Local Pick* Check out Klo Organic Beauty’s advice on 11 Foods to Eat for Better Skin.

Geek Love…If you binged “Tiger King” and were left wanting more, read this novel about circus performers

A master class in lighting for your next video conference.

99 Ways to Add Mindfulness to your Day

Stay-at-home order might make you feel batty, but whales and other critters are thriving

This is why you’re exhausted just from being alone.

COVID-19 facemask causing glasses to fog? Here’s how to prevent misty lenses.

Borrow and read ebooks and audiobooks from your local library for free with the Libby app. All you need is a library card!

In these times, moments of happiness are a gift.

12 stages of quarantine

What to Ask Instead of ‘How Are You?’ During a Pandemic

What Weird Things Do You Do to Feel Better?


Visit the beautiful “alpine gardens” of Mount Rainier with these stunning panoramas.

*Local Pick* Virtual Berkshires – A list of Berkshire gems to digitally explore.

Take a tour through the extensive Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail, which runs through Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Visit parts of the iconic Yellowstone National Park, including Canary Spring, Upper Falls, Dragon’s Mouth, and Lookout Point.

The Acropolis Museum

Kevin’s Staff Pick: Check out this awesome tour of the Acropolis Museum in Athens, which contains a collection of artifacts from ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine times. A must for history buffs!

Virtual Berkshires – A list of Berkshire gems to digitally explore

Check out this virtual 360-degree tour of the Guggenheim Museum’s spiraling rotunda

Take a Home Safari at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden each day at 3pm EDT.

Interactive virtual tour of the National Aquarium in Baltimore

Disney Parks have launched their first-ever 360-degree panoramas on Google Street View

Take a video tour of the Winchester Mystery House

A closer look at the many faces of Frida Kahlo through her life, art and legacy

Virtually tour the Metropolitan Museum of Art during the Met360° Project.

Take a narrated 360-degree tour of Petra, an ancient city carved into the red rock of Jordan

Virtually visit the Catacombs of Paris

Ever wondered what it’s like on Mars?

The Social Distancing Festival – A site for celebrating art from all over the world, showcasing amazing talent, and coming together as a community at a time when we need it more than ever.

Take a tour of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, home to The Milkmaid and Night Watch.

Tour the Eiffel Tower with Google Maps!

Visit the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher in Ireland – without leaving your seat!

Tour the Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough

Immersive Pirates Ride at Shanghai Disneyland

Take a tour through Pooh Bear’s Honey Pot!

360 VR Tour of Machu Picchu

Take a virtual ride on Indiana Jones Roller Coaster at Disneyland Paris

Take a virtual tour of the Georgia O’Keefe Museum.

Enjoy a virtual tour of the Hotel Legoland!

In 1833, two brothers built a fort made of adobe on the plains of Colorado. Visit the reconstructed fort with the help of the National Parks Service’s Bent’s Old Fort 360.

*Local Pick* Take a virtual tour of 1Berkshire Member Norman Rockwell Museum to explore an incredible history of American illustration.

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum has a ridiculous number of their exhibits online. What a great way to visit the museum without leaving home!

Virtually tour the rugged beauty and thermal springs of Lassen Volcanic National Park in North Park, California with these gorgeous panoramas.

The battle of Antietam was the bloodiest single day in the American Civil War, and in American military history. Though the guns are long silent, history lives in this battlefield tour from the National Parks Service.

Take a trip to the stunning Arches National Park in Utah with Arches 360, a panoramic picture tour.