Holidays On Parade #intheberkshires!

Be Part of This Year’s Autumnal Celebration

Each year, 1Berkshire collaborates with the city of North Adams to host a festive, inclusive, and vibrant downtown parade celebrating all things autumnal in the Berkshires. The entire community is invited to participate in this beloved event!

This fall on Sunday, October 2nd, the annual parade will celebrate Holidays on Parade – a fun theme honoring all your favorite holidays – from Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, National Ice Cream Day, Halloween, and everything in between! Interpret this theme however you like in your float, costume, and more!

Here’s how YOU can participate:

* Be a sponsor of the parade or of a float 

* Make a donation – any amount is much appreciated!

* Have a float in the parade! 

* Walk in the parade as a group, sports team, business, club and more 

* March as a candidate for elected office

* Have a banner in the parade representing your business, group, organization, etc.

* Volunteer on the day of the parade to carry a banner, help with organization, etc. 

* Share parade info with your friends & family

* Come watch the parade 

To Float or Not to Float

Anyone can enter a float into the parade! Enter as a group, organization, club, sports team, school, church, bank, business, or even as a group of friends or neighbors. Get your family together and make a special event of it.

Parade floats are easy to do! Here’s some information on ways to create a float of any size:

  • Anything that can be driven or pulled along the parade route can be made into a float. Examples include flatbeds of any size, bikes, golf carts, trackers, horses, pickup truck beds, etc. Use your imagination! 
  • Decorations for the float can be almost anything. Consider balloons, tissue paper, steamers, fringe, flags, bunting, decorating fabric, pennant banners, garlands, lights, painted cardboard, house and yard décor, items from nature – and don’t forget your float riders and costumed walkers!
  • You can make a float for as little as a few hundred dollars or less. Consider getting a group together to share the cost and collection of supplies.
  • Get a sponsor to finance your float – ask a local business and include their sign!

Ready to organize and create your parade float? Get started by filling out this simple form. There’s no jurying. Fill out the form and you’re in! Let’s Float!

Learn more about the full parade details here.

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