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Coworking-spaces are a proven work from home model that promotes social interaction. The shared-space concept allows for chance encounters that open doors of collaboration that would not happen in the isolation found in more traditional workspaces or a home office. Coworking spaces are a growing phenomenon in metropolitan areas across the country and something both Tim Burke and Scott Moraes saw was missing from the Berkshire business landscape so together they create Framework.

“When I moved back to the area from Boston and I was looking for a place to work, I saw a lot of office spaces. A lot of them were just four walls and a desk,” says Tim Burke, co-owner of Framework.“In the spaces I looked at, there was not a lot of interaction compared to the vibrant and high energy spaces I was used to. I was surprised to learn that Pittsfield was missing a coworking-space.”

Last year, Tim met up with Scott Moraes, another Berkshire-based entrepreneur, and the two began working on a coworking-space concept. Initial market research indicated a heavy interest in the project, so they found space at 437 North Street in Pittsfield and the idea of Framework was born.

Meet the co-owners of Framework.

Today, a white neon sign illuminates the facade of Framework’s vibrant and eclectic space. The shared-space concept promotes social interaction and allows for chance encounters that may not happen in the isolation found in more traditional workspaces or home offices. “This is the place to go for networking, for fundraising and more. It’s a community asset. If you haven’t lived in Boston or New York recently, this is new to you,” says Tim. The convenient downtown location isn’t by chance – it was carefully selected and considered. “The location is important to the identity of the business.Members utilizing the space are both changing up their work environments and accessing many other downtown Pittsfield businesses, as the venue is located within an easy walking distance of Dottie’s, Mission, Methuselah, Hotel and North and many other downtown spots.

Framework occupies 5,000 square feet of street-level space, with an open concept planned to match the business model. Altogether, the space hosts seven offices, with four standard open-air offices with security and privacy, and three large premium office spaces with private entrances. There’s also a variety of community workspaces located throughout the facility, along with two conference rooms and a shared kitchen. Framework also has the fastest internet in Berkshire County.

Who’s taking advantage of the space? According to Scott, entrepreneurs make up 50% of Framework’s membership, with a wide variety of consultants and a number of people working remotely with a company elsewhere in the world. “They’re people who’ve figured out that the Berkshires is a great place to live, but they work for a company elsewhere,” says Tim. Scott agrees, adding, “there is a lot of benefit to working in a social environment where people are focused on their work and like what they do.”

It’s unique, it’s never been done before in Pittsfield, and it’s something to check out. Interested in seeing the space yourself? Join us for our 1Berkshire Entrepreneurial Meetup on March 27th from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM.

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