Trendsetter Awards 2019: Creative Economy Standout2019-07-16T11:00:14-04:00

Learn more about each of our trendsetters below and join us for Celebrate the Berkshires in support of your favorite Creative Economy Standout finalist!

James Gop (Heirloom Fire)

For creating inspiring, locally-produced, sustainably-sourced, zero-waste food experiences and memorable events over fire, garnering attention from regional “foodie” networks and producing a stunning storytelling video “Into The Wild.”

Tricia McCormack (Berkshire Photo Booth, Tricia McCormack Photography)

For putting the beauty of the Berkshires on display through elegant and stunning event and wedding photography and social media, and for drawing visitors to the Berkshires for their special events (and sometimes even to relocate!).

Steve Sears (The Stationery Factory)

For validating the concept and starting a movement of Berkshire mill conversions into attractive repurposed space for businesses, events, live music, food and beverage, and for making the Berkshires a destination for top-notch live music acoustics.


For their decision to make the Berkshires the headquarters for their creative development team, which has tripled in size this year, as they help brands can create digital video ads with expert teams.