BUSINESS MONDAY: New locals, new businesses

Entrepreneurs from afar bring their lives—and new businesses—to the Berkshires.

By Kevin Pink
Posted July 11, 2022

One positive side effect of the pandemic has been the arrival of new people from outside the region who have chosen to relocate more permanently to the Berkshires. This has not only continued to slow our region’s population decline but has added to the ranks of Berkshire entrepreneurs. People with skills, business concepts, and know-how developed in other communities are putting them into practice here in our region, finding opportunities and support in the form of communities and agencies eager to help them get started. The result is a number of new businesses that add to the landscape of commerce here in the Berkshires, and new Berkshire residents enjoying quality of life, an abundance of outdoor recreation, and cultural engagement opportunities that the Berkshires offer. I spoke to a few of these entrepreneurs; each has a story and words of wisdom to share. Below, please find remarks from Kat Hand of Berkshire Cider Project, Mike Dell’Aquila of Hot Plate Brewing Company, and Charlotte Underwood of Rebelle.

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