“Bon Appétit” Article on How To Support Restaurants

Bon Appetit article photoBon Appétit has published an article on how to support restaurants and their workers during the COVID-19 crisis. The magazine writes that “the people who have fed us when we’ve needed comfort, popped bottles for us when we’ve had cause to celebrate, and brought pizza to our doorstep every other night of the week need relief, and fast. So we’ve put together this list of resources for anyone who wants to support restaurants, bars, and their staff during this unprecedented time. We want to be clear—it will take more than buying a t-shirt to save the restaurant industry. Whether or not you have the resources to make a donation or buy a gift card, contact your elected officials and tell them not to forget about the restaurant industry.”

Their list includes:

  1. Donate to an Existing Non-Profit
  2. Order Takeout or Delivery
  3. Buy Merch!
  4. Buy Your Favorite Restaurant’s Products Online
  5. Order a Gift Card…and Save It For Later
  6. Take Action
  7. Donate to a Relief Fund
  8. Reach Out Directly

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