BLP Alumni Spotlight: Allyson Holmes

Allyson Holmes, BLP Class of ‘17Meet Allyson Holmes, Berkshire Leadership Program Class of ‘17

The Berkshire Leadership Program (BLP) is a comprehensive course in local leadership. BLP seeks, prepares, involves, and sustains leaders from diverse backgrounds who are committed and competent to address community challenges and improve the quality of life in the Berkshires. Learn more.

Job Titles: Associate at Smith Green & Gold, LLP

1. What do you think makes a good leader?

A good leader is someone who has the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, can work collaboratively to coalesce a variety of people around a vision, and is an effective communicator.

2. How did BLP enhance your leadership abilities?

My participation in the Berkshire Leadership Program helped me identify leadership skills that I did not know I possessed, leading to an increase in self-efficacy.

3. What’s one project or initiative that you’re currently spearheading?

Over the last year, our law firm has had to figure out how to navigate the challenges of meeting the needs of our elderly clients by bridging the gap between technology and ability. As a firm, we leaned into the challenge with both empathy and grace.

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