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By Elizabeth Nelson, Director of Marketing for 1Berkshire

Originally appeared in the July 2022 issue of Berkshire Magazine.

Before moving to the Berkshires in 2016, I had only visited once— to attend a sunny Fourth of July performance at Tanglewood years earlier. My recollection of the region was vague, and in many ways the move was a leap of faith. Having spent the prior 10 years grinding through an arts administration career in NYC, I was ready for a change—for green space and a quieter, slower pace of living. The Berkshires not only delivered, it superseded all expectations.

If you’ve ever relocated, you may be familiar with feeling like a tourist in your new home, like an outsider in your own community. I experienced a similar bewilderment after uprooting from my home state of Texas to live in New York. So when I moved to the Berkshires, I was prepared for both the excitement of discovery and the overwhelming process of tackling all things new—like finding friends, a local grocer, a dentist—but moving to the Berkshires was different. Not only did I find my colleagues and neighbors eager to welcome me, I discovered, through a quick Google search,, a resource that became my go-to guide for exploring my new home.

Three years into my new life, I went to work for 1Berkshire, the countywide organization dedicated to economic development and promotion of the region as the preferred place to visit, live, and grow a business. In a delightful turn of kismet, I found myself overseeing the refresh of 1Berkshire’s travel site, The tool that helped me assimilate into my new home now resides under my charge, and I am beyond thrilled to help shepherd the site—with the help of an amazing marketing team—into a new era of welcoming and orienting those who are visiting and relocating alike.

Divided into main categories of “Plan Your Trip,” “Things to Do,” “Places to Stay,” “Living Here,” and “Events,” the site is designed to help guide users through all the region has to offer, from booking a bed and breakfast, locating wellness retreats, tracking down hiking trails, and espying local breweries, art museums, live entertainment, and much more. The tool has come a long way since its last refresh nearly 10 years ago. Users can now favorite activities and blogs to build an itinerary, and the site boasts robust information about visiting during the Berkshires’ four distinct seasons, tips for planning travel, and relocation resources. As part of the new “Living Here” section, hosts the jobs thing, 1Berkshire’s platform for posting open positions and searching for new career opportunities.

I am sure I would have discovered my new favorites on my own, but streamlined the process. In those early months after my move, I used the site to design weekend adventures, challenging myself to explore. My excursions soon yielded an array of what was to become beloved destinations. The Mount’s manicured grounds are one of my favorite places for strolling, picnicking, and meditating on the art of writing. The wildflower fields, winding woods, and mountainous views atop Sheep Hill in Williamstown never fail to charm. Frozen yogurt made locally with dairy from High Lawn Farm is my preferred indulgence on hot days, and in the cooler seasons I treat myself to an affogato from Chocolate Springs.

Moving to the Berkshires profoundly enhanced my quality of life. I possess a balance between career, artistic disciplines, and restorative play that always felt unattainable in NYC. From the beauty of our defined seasons and natural splendor, to the rich culture and locally-crafted cuisine woven throughout the region, the Berkshires offers a little (or a lot of) something for everyone, whether you live here or visit on occasion.

The next time you wonder, What should I do today?, I encourage you to put to use. Curate an adventure. Embark on an experience. Challenge yourself to explore like a tourist. For those of us fortunate enough to call this magical place home, we owe it to ourselves, to our new and return visitors, and to our future relocators, to be spirited and engaged ambassadors—it’s good for the economy, and it’s good for the soul.

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