October is Women in Business Month

1Berkshire has chosen October as a special time for focused recognition of the dedication, talents, contributions, and successes of the women powering the Berkshires’ local economy. All 1Berkshire members who identify as a woman in business, are invited to participation in Women in Business Month. Read their thoughts and stories below. Visit our Women in Business page.

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A woman smiling with brown hair over one shoulder and blowing in the wind. Her name is Deirdre Horan, Founder and CEO of Dri Umbrellas.Deirdre Horan

Founder & CEO for Dri Umbrellas

To be a businesswoman in the Berkshires means being part of a supportive community that encourages small businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive. As a female entrepreneur, I know I have the Berkshire community behind me that helps create a strong foundation for my company, builds connections, and provides resources and programs that will help my business (and myself!) succeed. I’m grateful and honored to be a member of this community.

A woman with brown hair sits at a laptop with her hands in the air. She is smiling.Nicole Antil

Principal for Antil Creative, LLC

It means experiencing the joy of creativity and the power of collaboration! It means having access to a network of talented, generous, and supportive people (women and men alike) who are interested and invested in your success. It means finding unexpected connections and staying open to opportunities you hadn’t thought of.

A woman with brown hair smiles directly at the camera. She is wearing a red shirt with a black sweater over it.Lindsey Schmid

SVP Tourism & Marketing for 1Berkshire

Living and working in the Berkshires is a bit unique in that you come to know a lot of people across industries and across the County. As a woman in business it is important for me that women see themselves represented in all these spaces and feel welcome and heard. I also think it is our role as women who are in the later parts of our careers to become servant leaders and let the next generation make their mark with guidance from us, knowing that we do not know it all and collectively we can continue to learn from one another.

A woman with short brown hair and glasses smiles into a mirror.Rebecca Brien

Managing Director for Downtown Pittsfield, Inc.

As Managing Director of Downtown Pittsfield, Inc., I am able to collaborate with so many other great women, helping to strengthen and celebrate the Berkshires. Together, we make a difference every day and inspire those around us to do the same. I am lucky to work with them and to create meaningful change for our community.

A woman with brown hair and glasses smiles directly at the camera. She is wearing a sleeveless purple dress with a floral pattern.Karen Schneyer

Owner for American Homes and Rentals LLC

Being a woman entrepreneur in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, involves thriving in a rural environment and making the most of its unique opportunities. Building strong community ties and capitalizing on the region’s cultural attractions and tourism industry are paramount. Maintaining work-life balance is facilitated by the slower pace of life. Women entrepreneurs can leverage local networks for support and mentorship while aligning their businesses with the community’s values. Staying attuned to economic trends and utilizing educational and cultural resources remains essential for success in this dynamic business landscape.

A woman with brown hair that is pulled back stands on a bridge, smiling at the camera. She is wearing a black outfit.Anastasia Stanmeyer

Editor in Chief for Berkshire Magazine

Anastasia is the epitome of a successful Woman in Business in the Berkshires. As the Editor-in-Chief of Berkshire Magazine for over 11 years she is one of the hardest working woman I have had the opportunity to work with. Covering (and uncovering) all the stories, people and places that make this region so special is a part of who she is. Anastasia’s natural curiosity, professionalism and grace under pressure are an undeniable part of the success of Berkshire Magazine that continues to wow readership for well over a decade.

A woman with long brown hair wears snow gear while skiing.Eliza Lindberg

Marketing + Resort Programs for Bousquet Mountain

As a woman in business, particularly within the Berkshires’ ski industry, the profound influence of other women in this field is immeasurable. Their unwavering support, mentorship, and guidance have seamlessly intertwined my skiing passion with my professional aspirations. Today, I am privileged to collaborate with exceptionally inspiring women at Bousquet, Milltown, and beyond who consistently push boundaries and set remarkable standards in the industry.

A woman with dark brown hair and red lipstick smiles at the camera. Behind is a red brick wall.Christa Proper

CEO for Proper Connections

With over three decades of influential leadership experience in the technology industry, a clear vision, and extensive executive management background, Christa has had a profoundly positive impact on numerous individuals. She consistently goes above and beyond, serving as a inspirational role model for aspiring young women. Christa has devoted her entire 30-plus-year career to leadership, professional development, mentorship, community engagement, and a steadfast commitment to excellence. In the male-dominated realm of Technology and Telecommunications, Christa’s enthusiasm remains unwavering and widely acknowledged. Her collaborative approach, client-oriented efficiency, unwavering passion, honesty, and dedication to customer service have been instrumental in propelling her career to great heights. Throughout her professional journey, Christa has successfully nurtured, launched, and cultivated multiple enterprises, leaving an indelible mark on the technology and telecommunications landscape in Massachusetts and other states. Her sterling reputation and remarkable achievements serve as a testament to her tireless work ethic and unwavering integrity.

A woman with a pixie cut smiles at the camera. She is wearing a red v-neck top and stands in front of a green leafy hedge.Tiffany Wilding-White

Sport Psychology Coach & Owner for Mind Over Motion

I am proud to be a small business owner in the Berkshires, and am grateful for the opportunities to connect, collaborate, and charge up my community with positivity. My recent cohort with EforAll Berkshires was almost entirely women-identifying entrepreneurs. My mental training business supports athletes and performers of all genders–the body achieves what the mind believes!

A woman with gray hair that is pulled back takes a selfie. She is wearing glasses and a ruffled, sleeveless, green and white top with a floral pattern. Behind her is a bedroom.Mary Jane Dunlop

Broker/Owner for Berkshire Access Realty, Inc.

Being a woman in business, is an opportunity for community engagement! I live this by making homeownership attainable to all demographics, by holding the At Home With Diversity designation, and I mentor others to do the same. Although I have been a Realtor® more than 28 years, I am excited there are still new facets of the profession to embrace and learn from. I feel women are great at being resilient, finding solutions in unique situations, and creating space for others to succeed! I am so proud to be a Woman in Business in the Berkshires!

A close-up of a woman's face. She has blond bangs and is smiling.Katherine Lockridge

President for Classical Tents and Party Goods

As a woman in business in the Berkshires you will feel supported. The local community, the state of Massachusetts, and numerous local organizations, such as 1Berkhire, offer seminar’s, guidance, and resources that support the effort of owning a business. Positive energy and excitement exist and that is contagious.

A selfie of a woman with blond hair, glasses, and pink lipstick. She is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a purple top.Jane Pixley

Director of Housing Resources, Education & Assets for Berkshire Housing Development Corp.

My work in support of decent, safe, and stable housing has intensified over the years as affordable housing needs intensify. As a woman in business in Berkshire County, my personal values align with navigating Berkshire County residents in need toward their housing goals. While the work can be challenging, I strive to maintain a creative approach while modeling equity and ethics. Working in this field for many years has solidified my resolve. I hope this inspires the next generation women and all advocates to continue fighting for positive changes.

A woman with short white hair stands with her harms folded across her chest. She is lightly smiling at the camera. She is wearing a light-colored button down shirt and behind is a very dark leafy backdground.Meg Sanders

CEO and Co-Founder for Canna Provisions

Being a woman CEO in the highly competitive local cannabis industry means facing a harmonious blend of innovation, responsibility, and community engagement. I’m proud that my dispensary, headquartered in Lee, has become a torchbearer of commitment to ethical practices, quality products, and fostering a supportive community. The Lee Chamber of Commerce recently voted us Corporate Citizen of the Year, validating our dedication to corporate citizenship and measuring our growth with the community’s well being, along with fostering a supportive network of women entrepreneurs. That effort has been no better served than being based in the Berkshires.

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