1Barkshire: Meet Pippin

Meet the pups on the 1Berkshire team

Hello! My name is Pippin Harris Schiavoni Lamb, but you can call me Pip! I’m a beautiful, loving, and gentle 2 year old golden retriever. I love spending my days playing with my human siblings, going for walks with my best friend, and turning sticks into mulch whenever the opportunity avails itself… A connoisseur of dog toys, I put many to the test, and nary a handful have passed! By all accounts, I am a “land lubber” with a strong dislike for any bodies of water, and a strong reluctance for baths. My dad says I’m a photogenic pooch with a life of leisure and lounging. I take my cleaning role seriously in the house and have become an expert at floor snack discovery.  If I beg patiently, my baby sister shares tasty noms at every meal. Never has a kitchen floor been cleaner than when I’m on duty!!

Meet Pippin’s dad: Ben Lamb, Director of Economic Development

Ben Lamb lives in North Adams with his wife, two kids, and golden retriever. He’s an avid backyard gardener, DIYer, spicy food aficionado, and lover of creative placemaking initiatives. Read more about Ben.

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