1Barkshire: Meet Jackson

Meet the pups on the 1Berkshire team

Hello! My name is Jackson and I am the King of my yard on Valley Street in Adams. I will be turning 10 years old this August but am still going strong! I live with my Momma and Dad and require lots of love and attention. As I am a Mountain Dog, I consider being in the woods my most favorite activity, typically hiking with Dad. I also very much enjoy my backyard, and spending extensive time on my many beds and couches throughout the home. Some people say that toys are for puppies, but i’ve been enjoying them my entire life, and have dozens of them strategically placed throughout the yard and house. My whole life I have always gone to work, usually with Dad, but sometimes with the Momma. When at the 1Berkshire, I enjoy the attention of my team members and taking long naps under Dad’s desk. Keeping a Berner like me happy is a tall task, as I require the perfect balance of activity, treats, love and couch snuggles. But my Momma and the Dad do the best they can, and keep me happy!

Meet Jackson’s dad: Jonathan Butler, President & CEO

Jonathan Butler Headshot Photo Credit Tricia_McCormack_Photography

Photo by Tricia McCormack

Jonathan Butler was appointed President & CEO of the Berkshire Chamber of Commerce in the summer of 2014. Since then, he has transitioned through the merging of several organizations to become the President and CEO of 1Berkshire. Jonathan began his professional career as Legislative Director for former State Senator Benjamin Downing and went on to become Town Administrator of Adams, Mass., at the age of 27.

Jonathan lives in Adams with his wife Michele and their dog, Jackson. They enjoy hiking, perusing the Berkshire food scene and constantly checking out the many awesome places to enjoy locally.

Jonathan has served on a variety of different boards and committees and currently serves as Co-Chair of the Berkshire Leadership Impact Council and as President of Forest Park Country Club. Berkshire Community College recognized him in 2016 in its first “Forty Under 40” salute, and Berkshire Magazine included him in 2018 in its “Berkshire 25.”

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