1Barkshire: Meet Cooper

Meet the pups on the 1Berkshire team

Hello! My name is Cooper and I am full of energy at five years old! I am a big lover, not a fighter, and especially love to nap on the floor in mom’s office. Although I’m not picky about where I take my naps, I’ll snore just about anywhere! When I visit the office with mom, I sprint up the staircase and bound down the hall in search of all my 1Berkshire friends. I make lots of friends everywhere I go, but my bestest buddies are my feline friends, Oliver and Khloe. Even though I love to climb up on people’s laps to give them a proper hug, I’m happiest just sitting beside my friends and staring up with my beautiful, brown eyes. Next time you are in the 1Berkshire office, I’ll be sure to greet you with a big smile and lots of love!

Meet Cooper’s mom: Kristen Harrington, Accounting Specialist

Kristen, who enjoys excessively listening to books, drinking coffee, and spending time with her children and her niece, joined 1Berkshire in 2015 as the Accounting Specialist. Kristen is the “Operations Ninja” on the team, who loves that the Berkshires allow you to be someplace serene and beautiful in a matter of minutes. Read more about Kristen.

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