1Barkshire: Meet Bear

Meet the pups on the 1Berkshire team

Hello! My name is Bear, but I answer to a bunch of fun nicknames! I am a seven-year-old black lab husky mix, and Mom says that I have no idea of my own size. I may be 100 lbs., but I’ll always be her lap dog. I’m a big fan of this cold weather, especially the snow. I like to go outside and explore, maybe play a bit of fetch, but only for about five minutes. Then I get bored and want to go back inside to share some snacks with Dad. My favorite things in the whole world are cuddling on the couch and getting attention from all my human friends. They joke that I forget I’m a dog because I act so human-like. I keep Mom company during work and often like to pop in to say hi to my 1B friends during zoom meetings! So, if you are ever in a meeting with my mom, just ask to see me because I love to say hi to new friends!

Meet Bear’s mom: Amanda Alibozek, Digital Marketing Associate

Amanda Alibozek lives in Adams with her husband and pup. She loves her community, volunteering for multiple boards and committees in town. In her free time, Amanda loves to explore the area with friends, listen to audiobooks, take walks with her dog, Bear, and trying new recipes. Read more about Amanda.

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