Math Teacher, Miss Hall’s School

Position Description

A collaborative, inspiring, and innovative educator, a Miss Hall’s School Math Teacher actively participates in delivering a curriculum that emphasizes both a solid foundation in math as well as in the encouragement and support of individual student interests in the study of math. A Math Teacher can expect to teach four full­-year courses and work in the Math Center as well as performing other duties related to teaching.


  • Teach 4 sections of math, potentially including pre-calculus and calculus.
  • Work in the Math Center providing extra math support to students.
  • Integrate classroom technologies to enhance teaching, learning, and preparation for the future.
  • Interest and willingness to participate in interdisciplinary initiatives such as STEAM.
  • Actively participate in the growth of the mathematics department, including work in activity-­based and/or project­-based learning.
  • Pursue appropriate professional development and remain abreast of changes in math education and pedagogy.
  • Represent the department through committee membership, attendance at faculty and department meetings, and other community initiatives.
  • Communicate in a timely and professional manner with all community stakeholders, including parents.
  • Assist students in project-­based research, as well as recognizing and developing academic and leadership abilities.
  • Maintain an active presence and participate fully in campus life by attending School events whenever possible.
  • Serve five weekend duty rotations annually.

Required Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

  • Proficiency in developing and teaching a variety of levels of mathematics; 3-­5 years of teaching high school mathematics courses ranging from Algebra One to BC Calculus with Statistics preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree in math, math education, or a related field required; master’s degree preferred.
  • Willingness to participate in interdisciplinary and innovative curricular design and partnership.
  • Demonstrated interest, commitment, and ability to work with students of varied academic levels and interests.
  • Experience in direct instruction, inquiry-­based learning, and collaborative learning with a focus on a student-­centered approach.
  • Passion and knowledge about the use of technologies to support creative, innovative, and engaged learning, and ability to inspire students to engage with technology in innovative and effective ways.
  • A collaborative and positive attitude regarding teaching and working in an academic environment and an interest in partnering with math teachers from the area.
  • Highly-organized and detail­-oriented with the ability to manage time­-sensitive projects.
  • Strong communication skills with an ability to work collaboratively with multiple teams to accomplish complementary goals.
  • Commitment to equity and inclusion and the ability to work with a diverse population of students, parents, and colleagues.
  • Demonstrated ability to work well as part of a high-functioning team of educators.
  • High ethical standards and an awareness of appropriate boundaries, as well as sensitivity and respect for the needs of an adolescent, all-girls population.
  • Commitment to the Miss Hall’s School Mission and Core Values.


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