Learning Behavior Specialist, Southern Berkshire Regional School District


Under the direction of the Director of Student Services, the Learning Behavior Specialist Special Education Teacher is directly responsible for the instructional program of students assigned to his/her class or caseload in accordance with MA DESE regulations and procedures. The Learning Behavior Specialist Special Education Teacher is the team leader for the student’s educational team and is responsible for determining each child’s unique needs and coordinating educational and supportive services necessary to implement each student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) with integrity and provide an appropriate education program.

Essential Job Functions

  • Actively participate in the development of student Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) according to program guidelines for the purpose of providing a free, appropriate public education.
  • Assess student growth through progress monitoring as appropriate, in a timely manner including annual state-required assessments (including MCAS-Alt portfolios—experience in compiling portfolios is highly preferred) for the purpose of assessing student academic progress and educational accountability.
  • Compile and maintain necessary records, IEPs, and reports for the purpose of maintaining accurate student records.
  • Develop IEP goals and benchmarks based on the data related to present levels of student performance for the purpose of setting appropriate student goals based on present levels of performance.
  • Develop and implement daily classroom lessons demonstrating student access to general education curriculum reflecting IEP goals and data-driven interventions for the purpose of providing access to the general education curriculum and modifying and/or adapting the curriculum appropriate to meet individual student needs.
  • Maintain appropriate student behavior control and participate in the development and implementation of behavior intervention plans with integrity, when appropriate for the purpose of classroom management and providing a safe learning environment for all students.
  • Maintain effective communication with students, staff, parents, and administration for the purpose of collaboration and planning.
  • Participate in team meetings and IEP meetings to address student needs for the purpose of developing an appropriate IEP.
  • Participate in professional growth activities on a yearly basis, including recertification for non-violent restraint and verbal de-escalation techniques, workshops, in-services, professional reading materials, and/or other available offerings for the purpose of increasing knowledge and ability to implement interventions with integrity and incorporate best practices.
  • Participate in building or program activities/committees and meetings as appropriate for the purpose of team-building and adherence to SBRSD’s policies and procedures.
  • Plan and conduct parent conferences for each student as necessary for the purpose of communicating to parents about student achievement and growth.
  • Plan and supervise the functions of all classroom aides/assistants assigned to class or caseload for the purpose of effectively meeting student goals.
  • Proficiently use technology to communicate, collect and analyze data, and compile reports for the purpose of efficiently reporting information and communicating in a timely manner.
  • Provide input to administration on aides’/assistants’ professional goals and evaluation as appropriate for the purpose of evaluating support staff and setting goals.
  • Use data-driven decision-making to monitor student performance and make instructional/behavioral decisions as appropriate for the purpose of implementing effective interventions to facilitate student progress.
  • Utilize research-based best practices interventions, programs, and strategies to implement curriculum for the purpose of providing an appropriate educational program for students.
  • Develop transition programming, including vocational services and collaboration with outside agencies, to facilitate and implement individual student IEPs.
  • Conduct FBAs and provide support to faculty, staff, and families regarding behavioral interventions and plans.

Job Requirements

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Valid certification as Moderate/Severe Special Needs teacher (grades 7-12), in accordance with MA DESE guidelines.
  • Certification as Reading Specialist and/or Math and/or English teaching grades 7-12.
  • Experience working with students with multiple disabilities with highly-individualized academic programs.
  • BCBA licensure preferred.
  • Collaborate effectively with students, parents, and other professionals.

Specific skills related to proficient use of technology systems, computers, and electronic communication devices and the ability to develop, implement, modify and assess student academic progress. Continued need to attend training and participate in professional development in order to update knowledge and to implement the curriculum and positive behavioral interventions effectively to meet the changing needs of students.

Ability is required to independently problem-solve, schedule daily activities, model good communication and to communicate and work effectively with professional staff and parents. Ability is required to monitor student academic performance and behaviors across setting and to physically position and manipulate students as necessary.

Responsibilities include: completing IEP updates within specified timeframes, working collaboratively with team members, parents, and administration, managing time and schedule efficiently, planning and implementing appropriate lesson plans, managing classroom aides and scheduling appropriate activities, using specialized equipment effectively, maintaining confidentiality, meeting deadlines and schedules, and making data-driven decisions for meaningful educational activities.

Working Environment

  • To perform the physically-demanding job functions, strength and/or endurance for lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling are constantly required.
  • To perform the most physically-demanding job functions, the physical capabilities of climbing and balancing are seldom required.
  • The perform the most physically-demanding job functions, the physical body movement of stooping, kneeling, crouching and/or crawling is constantly required.
  • To perform the most physically-demanding job functions, the upper extremity physical capabilities of reaching, handling, and/or fine motor dexterity are constantly required.
  • Exposure to temperature extremes is seldom or not present.
  • Exposure to hazardous conditions (e.g. mechanical, cuts, burns, infectious disease, high decibel noise, etc.) is seldom or not present.
  • Frequency of exposure to injury to self and/or others is occasionally present.

Application Deadline

Preferred deadline May 27, 2019 (Applications will be accepted until the position is filled). Submit letter of interest/resume to:

Sandra Hubbard
Director of Student Services
P.O. Box 326
Sheffield, MA 01257 or email to shubbard@sbrsd.org

The Southern Berkshire Regional School District Does Not Discriminate on the basis Of Race, Color, Age, Creed, National Origin, Disability, Sex, Gender Identity, Religion, Limited English Proficiency, Housing Status, Actual or Potential Marital Status or Parental Status, or Sexual Orientation. (Chapter 622, Title IX, Title VI and Sec. 504 Regs.)


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